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Genie Temp-Shaker 100 Incubated Orbital Shaker from Scientific Industries


Scientific Industries Genie Temp-Shaker 100 – Accessibility and Convenience for Routine Lab Work

Benchtop Solution to Incubating and Shaking

Scientific Industries created the Genie Temp-Shaker 100 as a response to the complicated process of shaking while incubator. Rather than needing to place an orbital shaker in an incubator or an incubator on an orbital shaker, scientists can easily control temperature on a spacious and benchtop convenient Genie Temp-Shaker 100. The benchtop orbital shaking incubator is designed to fit comfortably in a lab space and provide precise temperature control despite the convenient footprint.

Advanced Technology for Easy Shaking and Optimal Incubation

The Genie Temp-Shaker 100 was designed by Scientific Industries to combat the obstacles inherent in incubation work. The orbital shaking incubator features a unique design that allows temperature flow throughout the chamber and minimizes the loss of temperature that occurs when the door is opened loading/unloading. The optimized design, along with the included super-fast heaters, are engineered to allow the chamber to achieve the maximum temperature in little time. The Genie Temp-Shaker can reach a stable 75 ° C in only 20 minutes. All this technology combined means that the Genie Temp-Shaker 100 features precise temperature control ranging from 28 ° C to 75 ° C while also gently shaking at up to 100RPM.

While the interior is designed for efficient incubation, the outside of the Genie Temp-Shaker 100 was also engineered to improve the user experience. The cover for the orbital shaking incubator is not only efficient for temperature precision but is also customized for loading/unloading ease. The chamber cover has an easily accessible front door that can be flipped open. Even when open, the Genie Temp-Shaker 100 can maintain the chamber temperature within +/-3 °C. Scientific Industries created an easy-tilt system for the chamber cover that allows the cover to tilt left, right, or back for easy access.

Along with the ability to easily maneuver in various directions, the chamber cover is also super lightweight to reduce any physical stress related to sample loading. Finally, the chamber cover can also be removed if needed for cleaning, expansion, or loading particularly cumbersome samples. The Genie Temp-Shaker 100 includes a non-slip tray with drip-lip to prevent spillage but also contain any spills that do occur. 

Expandable Technology for Extra Utility

Scientific Industries has also designed a variety of accessories and attachments to expand the functionality of the Genie Temp-Shaker 100. There are a variety of clamps, mats, or platforms available to meet the needs of complex samples. Furthermore, there is an optional stacking tray available to expand the amount of usable space in the Genie Temp-Shaker 100. The stacking tray allows users to have two levels for loading samples rather than just the original platform.