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Hirschmann Pipetus Pipet Controller

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Reliable, Efficient, Ergonomic Pipette Controller from Hirschmann

From 0 to 50 mL in 6.9 seconds - the rapidity of the Pipetus® is the result of innovative technology which considerably enhances the degree of efficiency of the available motor power.

The Pipetus pipette controller features exact and continuously adjustable pumping and suctioning speed can be selected for both filling and venting within fi ve precisely harmonised performance stages. The integrated colour display shows the pipetting mode, speed levels and charging status of the battery. Battery charging is realised without contacts and controlled by a microprocessor in an inductive charging station. The sophisticated ergonomic shape of the pipetus aids non-fatiguing work.


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H-EU 100000 uL Hirschmann Pipetus Pipette Controller with Safety Valve for Serological & Volumetric Pipettes | Includes Pipetus, charger 100-240 V, EU, US, UK plug, charger and storage station, pipette holder with safety valve, Filter and wall bracket, BNWmore...
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