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Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipette


Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipettes 

Traditional pipetting is increasingly leading to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) due to high stress forces on users’ hands. Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipettes combat that risk by incorporating major improvements into the internal and external pipette design. Internal components allow Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipettes to work more smoothly and gently as to prevent accuracy and precision issues. The body and plunger design on every Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipette are engineered to reduce the strain on the user’s hand while also reducing the force required to operate the pipette. Advanced magnet technology is equipped in each Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipette to enhance the piston functionality and ensure that users can operate aspirating/dispensing more easily.  

Particularly for repeat pipetting or for QA compliance, these pipettes are offered at fixed volumes. There is no volume adjustment on the pipette, meaning that consistent results are more easily achieved. 

Lower Forces Required! 

Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipettes feature special internal components that reduce the plunger forces as compared to traditional pipettes. Each device has low force seals and lower spring forces which allow users to operate the pipette with softer presses. The lighter piston force helps users perform pipetting more accurately and precisely. Each Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipette also includes a magnet that helps hold the piston at the zero position,  

Advanced Comfort and Convenience 

The locked volume makes it easier for users to work safely and securely when using Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipettes. The fixed volume ensures that the volume cannot be accidentally changed during regular use. The volume is clearly labeled so that users can be sure of the volumes they are working with. 

The fingerhook and tip ejector combine to make pipetting with Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipettes a comfortable experience. The fingerhook evenly distributes the weight of the pipette throughout users’ hands rather than focusing it on any one part. The tip ejector button on each Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipette requires only a gentle push and reduces the strain on users’ hands. Along with the force reducing internal components, the external design of Rainin Pipet-Lite Fixed Volume Pipettes allows users to work more comfortably, thus enhancing the accuracy and precision of these devices.  

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L-250F 250 uL Rainin Pipet-Lite™ single channel fixed volume pipette, 250 uL, for use with LTS tips (1000uL shaft). ONLY 1 IN STOCK!, BNSmore...
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