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Eppendorf Repeater Plus


Eppendorf Repeater plus for Dispensing Volatile and Viscous Liquids


The Eppendorf Repeater plus (022260201) has been discontinued


Benefits of the Eppendorf Repeater plus

  • Versatile dispensing volumes. 20 different dispensing volumes per each Combitip size.
  • Flexibility. 112 different volumes from 1 uL to 10 mL.
  • Comfortable design.  The curved grip design and electronic display allow for easier and error free dispensing.
  • Multiple dispensing in single tip. Up to 100 dispensing per filling for easy and smooth long series of pipetting.
  • Contamination-free dispensing. Contact-free Combitip attachment and ejection which gives you better security in your results.

Why is the Eppendorf Repeater plus so special?

The Eppendorf Repeater plus is completely flexible and can complete uneven volumes like 1uL, 3 uL, or 17 uL. With its comfortable and durable design, it can complete long series of pipetting tasks with ease.