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Eppendorf MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus


Eppendorf MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus - Powerful and User-Friendly Centrifuges with a Small Footprint Eppendorf MiniSpin Centrifuge

The powerful and user-friendly MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus are small footprint centrifuge units that are ideal for individual work stations, training purposes and industrial research applications. The two models have slightly different specifications to meet performance requirements for different users. The MiniSpin plus provides the sufficient centrifugation speed for most molecular biology requirements. The MiniSpin can quickly accelerate to a maximum speed of 13,400 rpm (RCF: 12,100 x g) while the MiniSpin plus can reach a maximum speed of 14,500 rpm (RCF: 14,000 x g). The two models are available to meet your performance requirements.The rotor, inner centrifuge lid, and lid latch are made of metal for optimal operation safety and performance. Additional rotor options for up to 2 x 8–tube PCR strips are also available to meet user requirements.

Eppendorf MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus features and benefits:

  • Rotor capacity: 12 × 1.5/2.0mL vessels, 2 × PCR strip
  • Max. speed:
    • Eppendorf MiniSpin Centrifuge: 12,000 ×g (13,400rpm)
    • Eppendorf MiniSpin Plus Centrifuge: 14,100 ×g (14,500rpm)
  • Extremely compact benchtop footprint
  • Acceleration and deceleration time 13s
  • User-friendly digital display for time and speed
  • Metal rotor bowl
  • Separate short-spin key for quick and easy centrifugation
  • Optimal ventilation flow reduces heating and protects temperature-sensitive samples
  • Soft-touch lid closure for ergonomic lid locking
  • Automatic lid opening at the end of the run to prevent sample warming and to allow easy access to samples
  • Special features for MiniSpin plus:
    • Automatic rpm/RCFconversion
    • Extended time to 99 min or continous centrifugation


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