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Eppendorf New Brunswick Shakers

Eppendorf New Brunswick Shakers

Eppendorf has an amazing line of orbital shakers and incubated shakers coined the "New Brunswick" shakers.  The Eppendorf New Brunswick shakers are the most widely used product in the industry. Since being introduced to the market in 1946, Eppendorf has continued to innovate their designs and continue manufacturing their products with the premium Eppendorf quality that has established Eppendorf as a name brand in the scientific industry.  Today, New Brunswick shakers continue to prosper in nearly all global markets in the science industry. Manufactured with only the highest quality materials and fabricated with superb design, Eppendorf New Brunswick shakers are guaranteed to improve your workflow and provide worry-free operation for years to come.

Excella Shakers

Excella shakers are ideal for laboratories operating on a budget, such as academic settings.  With digital controls and heavy duty counterbalanced drives for dependable performance, teh Excella Shakers can be counted on for their accuracy and reliability while remaining affordable.  With orbital shaking intensities ranging from 50 rpm to 400 rpm and incubated versions offering temperature range from 15 °C below ambient temperature to 60 °C, the flexibility among the Excella Shakers from the New Brunswick line of shakers are unparalleled.  With acceleration and deselleration sensors built in, these intelligent shakers are designed to prevent suddens stops or jerking motions during mixing.

Innova Shakers

Innova Shakers are the top-of-the-line orbital shaker from Eppendorf, featuring the triple-eccentric drive for uniform motion and extreme reliabililty under the most adverse conditions.  Featuring quiet operation, simple LED displays, and wide range of agitation from 25 to 500 rpm, these Innova Shakers maintain a low profile in the laboratory space.  Rather than being incubated like the Excella shakers, the Innova line from Eppendorf is uniquely adaptable.  Featuring many different platforms from universal platforms to specific dedicated platforms, there are even multi-tier orbital shakers that prevent  waste of space on a benchtop by utilizing vertical height.


Eppendorf New Brunswick Incubated Shakers are the perfect orbital shakers for any lab.  Whether you want a simple digital interface and a large viewing window to observe your samples, or you want an enclosed shaker with precise temperature and time control, there is something to meet your laboratory's need. 


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