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Blu-Lite UHC Western Blotting Film by MTC-Bio


Blu-Lite UHC (Ultra High Contrast) Provides High Contrast and High Sensitivity for Optimal Results

 MTC Bio has developed a new Ultra High Contrast autoradiography film to reliably produce high quality images to help scientists do their best work. Despite a much lower cost versus other films on the market, Blu-Lite Ultra High Contrast film is capable of directly competing with the quality that other films provide. Other films cost up to 3-5 times as much and provide at best, the same kinds of results users can expect from Blu-Lite UHC film.

Competitive Price, but Even More Competitive Quality

Blu-Lite Ultra High Contrast film is the result of MTC Bio’s engineering success. They specially formulated a low background, high contrast formula that yields a lighter blue film. This means that Blu-Lite UHC is highly sensitive, but despite that high sensitivity, there is little unintended exposure.

Scientists often struggle to product reliable, consistent images due to subpar film, but the new formulation in Blu-Lite Ultra High Contrast film makes it ideal for all autoradiographic and electrophoretic applications. The new film is particularly useful for DNA visualization. Images produced on Blu-Lite UHC are very sharp and allow for unsurpassed clarity when trying to visualize DNA.

More than Just Quality – Durability and Consistency

MTC Bio didn’t just make a film that would produce images with unsurpassed clarity, they made a film that had a long shelf life and would make undeniably sharp images at every use. Blu-Lite Ultra High Contrast film is coated on both sides for extra performance. The double emulsion allows the film to maintain its quality throughout its shelf life for improved consistency and overall performance. This special formulation means that Blu-Lite Ultra High Contrast film has a shelf life of 2 years from production date.

Blu-Lite UHC is compatible with automatic processors and with manual development methods. It was designed to be the new imaging solution for any lab needing high quality images a reasonable price. As extra quality assurance, MTC Bio has spared no expense to make sure Blu-Lite UHC can produce optimal results. The film , apart from the double emulsion, is also packaged in lined, light-safe dispenser boxes with improved “lift-off” cover to make sure that the film maintains its quality when not in use.

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