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Benchmark Accuris E3000 UV Transilluminator


Benchmark Accuris E3000 UV Transilluminator

Benchmark Accuris E3000 UV Transilluminator is equipped with an array of high-intensity UV bulbs coupled with an optimized filter provides even illumination and allows detection of small sample quantities. E3000 UV Transilluminator is ideal  for viewing DNA and Protein in electrophoresis gels. The dual intensity switch of the Benchmark Accuris E3000 UV Transilluminator can lower the UV intensity to 50% to reduce DNA damage during long exposure times, or switch to high intensity (100%) for viewing weak fluorescent signals or for photo documentation E3000 UV Transilluminator from Accuris.

The acrylic UV blocking cover of the Benchmark Accuris E3000 UV Transilluminator allows safe viewing of samples and has two friction hinges on the front edge to allow angling of the cover for gel access. E3000 UV Transilluminator cover can be positioned to 90° (straight up) to fit a gel imaging hood, such as the Accuris SmartDoc™ imaging enclosure.

E3000 UV Transilluminator Compatible DNA Stains: 

  • Ethidium Bromide (EtBr)
  • SmartGlow LD and PS
  • Gel Red
  • SYBR® Green
  • SYBR® Safe
  • Diamond Nucleic Acid Dye

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