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Oxford BenchMate E Electronic Pipette


Oxford BenchMate Electronic PipetteOxford BenchMate E Electronic Pipette

 Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Electronic Pipette is lightweight, designed for left-hand and right-hand use, providing comfort and versatility for scientists. This pipette from the Oxford Lab Products BenchMate line offers precise and accurate pipetting.

Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Electronic Pipette is equipped with an intuitive graphic interface. Five different and frequently used modes of pipetting are available, including Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting, Multi-Dispense Pipetting, Diluting and Mixing. The high-performance stepper motor provides consistent and repeatable results. The unit provides secure usage, with password-protected calibration.

This pipette has a lightweight and ultra-ergonomic design. It has a built-in power-save and Intelli charging battery, providing uninterrupted usage by scientists. Different pipette volumes are uniquely color coded for easy identification. The universal tip cone is compatible with universal pipette tips. The pipette has an autoclavable lower assembly and comes with a 5-Year Warranty.

Available Configurations:

The Oxford BenchMate E Electronic pipette is lightweight, designed for left-hand and right-hand use, and offers precise, accurate pipetting. 



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