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Rainin EDP 2 Electronic Pipette


Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipette 

Every tool is burdened with some uncertainty- that uncertainty is exacerbated with repeated use, particularly if it requires user control. Pipettes require repeated physical movement from the user and can lead to accuracy or precision issues, but Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipettes can limit that issue. Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipettes are battery-operated and contain a motor that drives pipetting operations. Remove the uncertainty of pipetting by changing control of the piston over to an internal electronic control. The Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipette allows users to aspirate and dispense with only the soft touch of a button. Each of these pipettes features software and hardware designed to make work easier and faster.  

Electronic Control for Advanced Accuracy and Precision 

The Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipette takes over control of pipetting actions. Aspirating and dispensing is controlled by an internal motor and software. Users simply have to input volumes and speeds, the Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipette will handle the rest. A gentle button press activates the aspirating or dispensing step once all settings are entered.  

Furthermore, every Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipette is equipped with pre-programmed pipetting modes that allow users to work more easily when using the pipette. Users can choose to multi-dispense or dispense faster or slower when working with liquids of different viscosity. The adjustment capability of Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipettes make them a useful and dependable tool for users in any lab. These features make it easy for entire labs to share Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipettes and to work through difficult or complex experiments more easily. The electronic pipetting means that user error and repeatability concerns are minimized since the same settings should lead to the same results every time.  

Ergonomic Improvements, RSI Prevention 

Repeat pipetting can often lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries since users have to do the same muscle or tendon movements repeatedly. Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipettes minimize this risk by limiting the amount of movements users have to perform during regular operation. The interface is designed so that users can easily reach the buttons and can easily operate the device with few button presses. Likewise, the ergonomic grip on Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipettes allows users to hold and operate the device without have to strain their hands during use. The multidispense functions and fast pipetting built into every Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipette allow users to optimize their pipetting and ultimately spend less time pipetting. Rainin EDP2 Electronic Pipettes are easy to use and can improve the workflow of almost any lab or scientist.  

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