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CappTronic Electronic Pipettes


CappTronic Electronic Pipettes are Lightweight and Run by a Stepper-Motor

Designed to be a reliable tool for users that want to optimize their workflow without compromising accuracy and precision.A selection of CappTronic single pipettes covers the micro range from 2µl up to 1000µl, and of multi channels from 2µl up to 200µl. Double o-rings on the tip cone assure a wide compatibility with the most common brands of pipette tips available in the market.

Supplied with two long-life, heavy duty lithium batteries and a portable battery charger identical to that of a mobile phone, you won´t even loose work time when re-charging.

The CappTronic offers standard pipetting, multidispense, mixing, sequential aspiration (for dilution) and sequential dispensing.

This pipette was also previously sold under then name CLP Poseidon.

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