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Eppendorf µCuvette® G1.0


The Perfect Tool for Measuring High Concentrations in Small Volumes

With an optical path length of only 1 mm, the µCuvette G1.0 features a light path that is ten times shorter than the light path of standard cuvettes. This allows nucleic acid and protein concentrations to be measured with high reproducibility in a much higher concentration range without prior dilution. Due to the hydrophobic coating on the quartz glass, only 1.5 µL nucleic acid or 3 µL protein sample are required for precise formation of the liquid column. Self-absorption of the µCuvette G1.0 is very low, meaning that the entire measuring range of the photometer can be used.

Features and Benefits:

  • Microvolume measuring cell for measuring 1.5 – 10 µL sample volumes
  • Concentration determination of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Measurement of highly concentrated samples without prior dilution
  • Low self-absorption (≤0.05 A at 260 nm)
  • Hydrophobic surface coating on quartz glass for precise formation and positioning of the sample volume
  • Simple cleaning to minimize the risk of sample carry-over
  • A defined angle for folding the sides of the cuvette guarantees reproducible handling
  • One-component hinged design prevents the loss of individual parts
  • Exclusively available for use with Eppendorf BioPhotometer and Eppendorf BioSpectrometer
Eppendorf µCuvette G1.0 in use
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