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Cluster Tubes

Racked Tubes can be used as reaction vessels in robotic workstations or as a long term storage vessels in your sample library. Strip Caps for the tubes are also available.

We carry racked tubes from Simport under the Biotube brand and from Scientific Specialties (SSI)

Ideal for:

  • Storage
  • Dilution
  • Mixing
  • Harvesting
  • Culture assays
  • Screening

Simport Cluster Tubes & Caps

Tubes are made of autoclavable polypropylene and are available either individually or in strips of 8 or 12 detachable tubes. The tubes have a gross volume of 1.2mL but with a cap in place, they will hold 1.1mL.  The 96-well footprint is ideal for mixing, vortesing, and storage of samples.
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Storage BioTube™ Rack with 2mL Tubes, Cluster Tube, deepwell, square tubes

Storage BioTube™ Rack with 2mL Tubes

Rack contains 96 removable polypropylene square tubes in a 8 x 12 configuration, each having a 2.1 ml capacity (2 ml when capped). Although the tubes are square, the conical bottles are ideal for sample aspiration. Compatible with most robotic workstations, it can be used with most cell harvesters and leading 8- & 12-channel pipettors.
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SSI Cluster, Organization, and Reaction Tubes

SSI Cluster, Organization, and Reaction Tubes

Ideal for automation / HTS, storage, dilution, mixing, harvesting, culture assays, and screening.
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