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CLP Pipettes

Although CLP is no longer in business has been able to maintain inventory of the original Betta-Pette and Poseidon pipettes. Additionally, we maintain a large spare part inventory for the Betta-Pette and Poseidon pipettes so repairing or fixing your pipette will never be an issue. If a pipette is no longer available we are able to offer CAPP Aero Pipette as a direct replacement to CLP Poseidon Pipette and Labnet or AccuPet Pipette as a direct replacement to CLP Betta-Pette pipette.

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Poseidon Ergonomic Pipette

Repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort are common concerns associated with the usual excessive workload on the thumb during pipetting. The Ergo pipettor reduces the thumb workload up to about 70 percent compared to other manual pipettors. Each Ergo pipettor maintains the same uncompromised quality as other CLP pipettors and is built to withstand tough conditions in the lab. The Ergo ...
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Easy Step Repeating System

Reduce the fatigue and strain of manual pipetting with the Easy Step Electronic Repeat Pipettor. The touch of a button delivers your samples in either a manual or automatic mode. Intelligent design allows the Easy Step to deliver accurate volumes from 0.5ul to 20ml, while using only three sizes of combisyringe barrels (0.5, 5.0 and 50ml). The starter kit includes 20 of each size syringe (0.5, 5.0 ...
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