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New Product! - Benchmark Hermle Chamber Slide or 35/60mm Dish Carrier for Microplate Rotor or Carrier (Cat # Z326-02MP

Hermle Microplate Carrier Dish for Chamber Slides and Dishes - Pipette_Com

Z326-MPCA is a combination carrier that can fit 3 Chamber Slides, a 35mm Dish, or a 60mm Dish. It is the ONLY accessory available on the market for centrifugation of chamber slides or 35/60mm dishes. Before this carrier, researchers had to improvise a carrier, which could yield unsafe or improperly completed centrifugation.

The carrier is ideal for:

  • Inducing Cell < -- > Bacteria or Viral Particles contact
  • Inducing cultured cells and particles contact (nanoparticles, beads, non-soluble reagents)
  • Treatment or washing of cultivated cells in suspension