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Capp Maestro™ Electronic Pipette

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CAPP Maestro - An Affordable, Innovative, Quality Electronic Pipette

CappMaestro™ electronic pipette will optimize your serial work with advanced functions such as multi-dispensing, dilution, and mixing. For your routine lab work, CappMaestro™ allows you to easily store your favorite protocols and enables you to switch protocols in a matter of 2 clicks. Calibration and password setting functions are also available.

The Maestro was designed to simplify navigation. A simple on/off buttons allow the user to control when the pipette off instead of a timer model. Intuitive, user-friendly navigation enables users to easily access modes and start pipetting. 

CappMaestro™ that uses lithium batteries which are ideal for long lasting performance eliminating the need to frequently change batteries. You can also use Maestro electronic pipette while it is charging. 

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