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Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette

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CAPP Maestro Electronic Pipette - An Affordable, Innovative and Quality Electronic Pipette

The Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette will optimize your serial pipetting work with advanced functions such as multi-dispensing, dilution, and mixing. For your routine lab work, the Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette allows you to easily store your favorite protocols and enables you to switch protocols in a matter of two simple clicks. Calibration and password setting functions are also available with the Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette.

The Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette was designed to simplify navigation around the various settings and functions. A simple on/off buttons allow the user to control when the pipette turns off instead of a timer model. The intuitive, user-friendly navigation enables users to easily access modes and start pipetting straight away with the Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette instead of wasting time with confusing or complicated setting adjustments. 

The Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette that uses lithium batteries which are ideal for long-lasting performance, thus eliminating the need to frequently change batteries. You can also use this electronic pipette while it is charging, providing the user with uninterrupted use instead of needing to stop work while the unit is recharging.

Across all size ranges, this electronic pipette maintains excellent and reliable accuracy and precision percentages, giving the end user the greatest level of confidence in their pipetting.

Capp Maestro Electronic Pipette features and benefits:

  • Fully colored LED display
    • For better optical control and contrast while pipetting. Greater screen refresh rate and less power consumption compared to other LCD screens.
  • Lightweight construction
    • Combined with an elegant ergonomic design with wide hook allow you to rest the pipette in the palm of your hand with no need to actually ’grab it’.
  • Large tip ejector
    • Works as a finger rest for your thumb. Simply rest your thumb on the tip ejector and gently activate the pipetting button at the same time.
  • Available in the following size ranges to meet all regular pipetting needs:
    • 0.2 μL - 10 μL, 5 μL - 10 μL, 10 μL - 200 μL, 50 μL - 1000 μL and 500 μL - 5000 μL.

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