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Capp R10 Repeater Pipette


Capp R10 Repeater Pipette

The Capp R10 Repeater Pipette has a highly user-friendly display panel that enables you to easily choose the correct repeater pipette tip size that is suitable for the desired dispensing volume, and the number of dispensing steps, to be dispensed. The dosing table of the display panel, which can also be found under the Manuals/Specifications tab, shows all dosing possibilities of the Capp R10 Repeater Pipette at a glance. Simultaneously, the Capp R10 Repeater Pipette gives you the ultimate flexibility: 12 tip sizes, 10 volume adjustments and 120 program steps. The Capp R10 Repeater Pipette is designed to be perfectly ergonomic, enabling you to perform one-handed operation of volume selection and liquid loading and dispensing.

Using a repeater pipette has never been more convenient. The easy-to-move dosing button, combined with the low weight of the instrument, makes long dosing series a pain-free operation. The Capp R10 Repeater Pipette is compatible not only with CappHarmony repeater pipette syringe tips but also with repeater pipette tips from many common brands on the market. The Capp R10 Repeater Pipette is reliable and maintenance-free due to its robust design and is highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals. The unit elegantly combines reliable ergonomics with extreme precision.

Capp R10 Repeater Pipette features and benefits:

  • All the features from the Capp Rhythm repeater pipette, with the addition of a more elegant and ergonomic design and a wider range of tips syringes available.
  • Low force requirements for your thumb, lightweight, perfect balance and a comfortable finger hook combine to create the ultimate ergonomic unit.
  • Built to last:
    • Following the tradition of the Capp Rhythm repeater pipette, this unit continues to be a very robust repeater pipette. Experience years of continued use with minimum maintenance requirements.
  • A wide range of syringe tip options available:
    • This unit fits all CappHarmony tips already available for the Capp Rhythm, with the addition of the following volume sizes: 0.1 mL, 0.2 mL, 1.0 mL and 10.0 mL.

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