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Capp Tempo Pipette Controller


Capp Tempo Pipette ControllerCAPP Tempo Pipette Controller

The Capp Tempo Pipette Controller is a motorized pipette controller that enables you to aspirate the required volume of liquid into a serological pipette in a fast and precise way thanks to the unique, patented Electronic Brake System (EBS).

When activated, the Capp Tempo Pipette Controller EBS allows you to start filling the pipette at the maximum speed and once you come closer to the desired volume, the system will switch to the minimum speed with one simple click. This allows you to aspirate exactly the volume required. Thus, the Capp Tempo Pipette Controller facilitates pipetting at maximum speed without compromising on accuracy.

The Capp Tempo Pipette Controller has an LED display, showing the aspiration and dispensing speed as well as the remaining battery life status. When the power is low, the display of the Capp Tempo Pipette Controller will flash. The display turns off automatically after being idle for 20 seconds to conserve the battery. This pipette controller is equipped with a lithium battery, which provides 8 hours of continuous work between charges, while the unit can also be used while charging, providing you with uninterrupted use even if you forget to fully charge the unit. The Capp Tempo Pipette Controller features stylish Danish design and is available in 4 color options. The standard pipette holder for Capp electronic pipette controllers is autoclavable, while a charging stand is also available. Capp electronic pipette controllers can fill a 25 mL serological pipette in 5 seconds (at speed level six).

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