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BrandTech Dispensette® III Bottle Top Dispensers


Dispensette® III – Meeting today’s Demands Based on Decades of Proven Performance

For many years, the Dispensette® line of liquid dispensing equipment has been the standard-bearer within the marketplace. The team at BrandTech Scientific continues to enhance this industry-leading line to meet the new challenges within the evolving marketplace. This enduring commitment has helped companies meet demands for tighter precision and greater levels of performance control. And the company’s latest addition, the Dispensette® III carries the brand forward in its continued commitment to liquid handling success.

Like its predecessors, the Dispensette® III brings with it superior levels of safety and reliability that no other manufacturers within the marketplace can match. One of its standout performance benefits is the fact that the Dispensette® III does not utilize any seals as it uses a floating piston design. This means that there are no seals to replace or repair, thereby minimizing system downtime. Safety is a leading consideration within the design of the product, as highlighted by the use of a calibration flag, which works to alert the user to any changes that have been made to the factory calibration for the product. In addition, the Dispensette® III features a new safety discharge system, which has been uniquely designed to help protect the user against inadvertent discharging of liquids. It’s how the team at BrandTech is protecting lab teams within the modern, demanding testing environment.

Fast Adjustments for the Ultimate in Liquid Dispensing Precision

The Dispensette® III features BrandTech’s renowned Digital Easy Calibration™ system, which has been engineered to support quick and effective calibration of dispensing instruments. Through the Digital Easy Calibration™ system, technicians can calibrate within seconds, without the requirement for further tools or retesting processes. This latest addition to the BrandTech line can help cut calibration timelines down by 50%.

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