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AccuPet Jr. Economical Pipette


The AccuPet Jr. Fixed Volume Minipipette is a disposable and economical pipette that is ideal for students, start-ups, and diagnostics kits. This pipette has a two-step plunger dispenser and a smart tip cone design to ensure accuracy and ease of use at minimal cost. The AccuPet Jr. Fixed Volume Minipipette is fully autoclavable, color-coded, and customizable. The AccuPet Jr. Fixed Volume Minipipette has been appreciated by users for this customization possibility as well as its stable performance and ease of use. Considering its size, performance, and pricing, it is an ideal accessory for diagnostic/rapid test kits. It could also be a memorable gift to laboratories or scientists which can be personalized to promote your brand or theirs.

AccuPet Jr. Fixed Volume Minipipette features and benefits:

  • Working size of 130mm ensures a complete pipetting feeling
  • All pipettes are calibrated as per EN ISO 8655
  • Two-step plunger
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Beautifully color coded for easy volume identification
  • Customization of color combination and supply under private label is possible
  • Serial no. on each Pipette to ensure traceability