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Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems offers water filtration systems from industry leader Sartorius®.Water filtration systems provide sterile water for research purposes and manufacturing purposes. Sartorius® is well known for their quality water filtration systems.

     Water filtration systems are utilized in life science research, applied industries and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The arium® Lab Water Systems developed by Sartorius® provides researchers with ultrapure water to meet research needs. This system ensures long term pure water consistency and prevents secondary contamination. The system provides ASTM standard type I, type II and type III grade water for lab use. The technology behind the purification process utilizes Ultra Violet irradiation to purify water from containments.

     Sartorius® water filtration systems will ensure your reagents, buffers and media are GMP standard. Ultrapure water is essential for keeping a sterile and GMP standard lab. The risk of sample contamination is minimized by using ultrapure water from this system. The use of the arium® Lab Water Systems will save you time and money during your research. In addition, using ultrapure water will increase the reliability and accuracy of your findings. Whether you need ultrapure water for your research projects or GMP manufacturing facility we carry the water filtration system to match your needs.

Popular Applications

  • Ultrapure Water for HPLC
  • Ultrapure Water for Buffer Preparation
  • Ultrapure Water for Media Preparation
  • Ultrapure Water for Reagent Preparation

Looking for a smaller water purificiation system?

Mini Ultrapure Water System Sartorius arium mini

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H2O-MM-T-US Sartorius arium mini (without UV light) uLtrapure Water System. Water filtration system delivers up to 10L per day. Standard version is independent of permanently installed water tap. The closed bagtank system prevents secondary contamination while ensuring consistent long-term water quality., BNWmore...
H2O-MM-UV-T-US Sartorius arium mini (with UV Lamp) water filtration system. For Critical Analyses (185 | 254 nm) – Optimal temperature gradient due to horizontal installation. Degradation of total organic carbons (TOCs) by irradiation, Inactivates microorganisms by damaging their DNA, BNWmore...

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