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WHEATON LVI Chromatography Vials with Crimp Top


Chromatography Vials with Crimp Top | WHEATON LVI 

The LVI Chromatography Vials have a 300 µL capacity with a residual volume of only 4 µL (depending on the solvent, needle style and depth adjustment of the autosampler). The LVI Vials have a white ceramic "write-on" patch for easy sample identification and are compatible with autosamplers that use 12 x 32 mm vials.

The LVI Chromatography Vials are 12 x 32 mm large opening vials with a sealed-in, limited volume insert. The manufacturing process controls the depth and position of the insert relative to the bottom of the vial. This allows more consistent sample recovery from vial to vial and reducing the possibility of autosampler needle damage. The insert has a slight flare at the top, offering a larger needle target area, which prevents needle damage.

Inserts and clear vials are manufactured from ASTM Type I, Class A borosilicate glass. Amber vials are manufactured from borosilicate glass.

WHEATON LVI Chromatography Vial Features

  • 0.3mL Volume
  • 12 x 32mm Vial Dimensions
  • Borosilicate glass vial with 300µL glass limited volume insert
  • Limited Volume Insert is fused to vial which prevents needle damage
  • Writing patch on all vials
  • Purchase vials and caps separately or together in convenience packs

LVI Chromatography Vials & Crimp Top Convenience Packs

  • 12 x 32mm LVI Chromatography  Vial & 11mm Aluminum E-Z Seal Crimp Cap Packs
  • Choose clear or amber glass vial
  • Writing patch on all vials

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225221-01 WHEATON (DWK) 0.3 mL Lvi Vial, Amber Crimp, BNWmore...

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