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CappRondo™ Vortex Mixers


CappRondo™ Mini Vortex Mixer

The ideal solution for thorough mixing and quick vortexing with high performance in terms of speed, reliability and safety.


  • 4.5mm orbital motion and speed of up to 4500 RPM to instantly vortex tubes and vials up to 30mm diameter.
  • Highly touch sensitive switch ensuring Real-time mixing.
  • Variable speed can be adjusted simply by turning the speed control button.
  • Microprocessor controlled, delivering the maximum speed even under varying load conditions.


  • Well-balanced design, supplied with three anti-sliding feet to help the instrument to remain stable on the bench.
  • Built-in counter balance system creates maximum vortexing action, while minimizing noise and excessive vibration.
  • Low-profile with small footprint ideal for use on lab benches.
  • Suspension Design for longer switch life.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty for parts and labor.


  • Sparkless Brushless DC motor adopted for safety, quick acceleration, and low maintenance.
  • Ideal for Cold Rooms and Incubators. Maintains set speed between 4-40°C.
  • Chemically resistant PC ABS molded exterior.
  • Robust Design with Aluminum die cast base.