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Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 1


Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 1 Powerful Touch Mixer

Vortex Genie 1 is Scientific Industries premier vortex mixer that will meet your everyday lab needs. This vortex mixer is reliable and affordable. Vortex Genie 1 provides scientists, researchers and manufacturers the ideal mixing solution. The Vortex Genie 1 is a powerful touch mixer that will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. It can be used with the Pop-off Cup or the optional 3-inch Platform in order to satisfy your vortexing needs. Vortex Genie 1 has a tough metal housing paired with just enough heaviness, providing a stable platform for all your mixing applications. The Vortex Genie 1 eliminates “walking” with its sturdy build to ensure proper and even mixing of your solutions. offers the Vortex Genie 1 vortex mixer for your everyday research and manufacturing tasks. In addition, this mixer offers flexibility and can be used in cold rooms and incubators. Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 1 generates a very aggressive single speed vortex that ensures correct mixing. The vortexing behavior of the Vortex Genie 1 eliminates user variability ensuring consistent mixing for all your projects. The compact size allows you to save precious lab top space. The unmatched durability of the Vortex Genie 1 makes it a lasting product for everyday use. carries the Vortex Genie 1 vortex mixer to accommodate all your solution preparation needs. The Vortex Genie 1 is essential for any bioscience, microbiology, biochemical, and analytical laboratory.

The Vortex Genie 1 Difference

  • Aggressive vortexing. Can vortex mix up to speeds of 3200 rpm.
  • User-friendly. By Single touch, the Vortex Genie 1 can operate in one violent high speed.
  • Completely durable. With proper care and maintenance, the Vortex Genie 1 has been known to provide years of reliable service.
  • Can be used in cold environments. May be utilized in cold rooms and incubators.
  • Equipped with large orbit. Comes with a 6 mm orbit for aggressive vortexing of a variety of samples.
  • Warranty. The Vortex Genie 1 comes with a 2 years warranty.

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00-SI-0136 Vortex-Genie 1 Touch Mixer Vortex Mixer | 3200 Fixed Speed | 6mm Orbit | Easy-to-use Touch On Operation | Includes Cup Head for a Single Tube| 120V with US Plug, BNWmore...
SI-V506 Scientific Industries Vertical 50mL Tube Holder, holds six 50mL centrifuge tubes vertically, for use with Vortex-Genie PuLse and the Vortex-Genie 2 family of mixers, no additional attachments necessary, BNWmore...

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