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VistaLab Pipette Tips

VistaLab Tips

VistaLab Pipette Tips - Available in Volumes Ranging from 0.2 mL to 10 mL, Bulk, Racked, Sterile.

VistaLab Pipette Tips provide the perfect fit for your VistaLab, MLA and Ovation Pipettes. VistaLab Pipette Tips racks use up to 62% less plastic than other tips in the industry, and are now made of Number 5 recyclable materials (polypropylene), and can be recycled through typical programs for re-use.

VistaLab Pipette Tips, with VistaLab Low Retention Polymer Technology, are an ideal choice when working with detergents, enzymes, viscous samples, foaming liquids, plasma, TRIS, BSA and Tween because of the following characteristics:

  • Improved sample accuracy.
  • Saves costly reagents or enzymes.
  • Reduced sample loss for higher reproducibility.
  • Unaffected by detergents used in PCR or other biological applications.
  • Certified for RNase/DNase and Pyrogen-free requirements.

VistaLab Pipettes are also available at

VistaLab Pipettes are 'Ergonomically Correct' and the perfect partners to VistaLab Pipette Tips. VistaLab Pipettes are the innovators behind the MLA and Ovation Pipettes. MLA Pipettes are ideal for clinical work and have been a laboratory tradition for over 4 decades. They are available in 3 models and cover a volume range of 10 to 100 uL. Ovation Pipettes are known for their amazing comfort, exceptional accuracy, and flawless tip mounting. The design of the pipette allows for decreased tension in the neck, shoulder, and elbows which drastically reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries by preventing fatigue and stress to the wrist and hand. Ovation Pipettes have been specifically designed to reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

VistaLab Pipette Tips are user-friendly and completely dependable, just like VistaLab Pipettes. is an official distributor of VistaLab Pipette Tips. To find one that is ideal for your application, click on the pipette tips below. If you have any questions, contact 800-243-3232 or

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Catalog # Size Description   Price Qty
4058-1333 2 uL Ovation Microtips, Pyrogen-Free, Sterile, Filtered, (2ul Capacity), 5 Racks; 96 Tips/rack, BNWmore...
4060-1333 2 uL 2µL VistaRak, Filtered, Sterile, Pyrogen-free, RNase/DNase certified, 192 tips/rack, 5 racks†, BNWmore...
4070-1333LR 2 uL 2µL VistaRak, Filtered, Sterile, Pyrogen-free, RNase/DNase certified, Low Retention, 192 tips/rack, 5 racks†, BNSmore...
4060-1332 25 uL 25µL, VistaRak, Filtered, Sterile, Pyrogen-free, RNase/DNase certified, 192 tips/rack, 5 racks†, BNWmore...
4058-1022 35 uL Ovation Microtips Rack, Sterile (35µl Capacity), 10 Racks/Case 96 Tips/Rack, BNWmore...
4058-1032 35 uL Ovation Microtips Pyrogen-Free, Sterile (35ul Capacity) 10 Racks; 96 Tips/rack, BNWmore...
4034-6001 200 uL Myla, Ovations Small Tips, Short Stack Autoclavable, (200ul Capacity), 1 Tray, 200 Tips, BNWmore...
4058-2002 200 uL Myla, Ovations Small Tips, Rack (200ul Capacity), 10 Racks; 96 Tips/rack, ONLY 1 IN STOCK!, BNWmore...
4058-2003 200 uL Myla, Ovations Small Tips, Dense Pack, (200ul Capacity), 5 Racks 200 Tips/rack, BNWmore...
4225 200 uL Myla, Ovations Small Tips, Econo-Pak Bulk, (200ul Capacity), 1000 Loose Tips, bag, BNWmore...
4060-2004 250 uL Vistarak non-sterile tips, 250µl 192 Tips/Rack, 5 racks per case, BNSmore...
4060-9025 250 uL 250µL VistaStak , 192 tips/layer, 5 layers (960 tips), BNWmore...
2026 1000 uL VistaLab MLA Ovation Pipette Tips| 1000uL with 1250uL Max Capacity| Sterile & Individual Wrapped| 200 Tips per Pack, BNWmore...
4226 1000 uL Myla, Ovation Large Tips, Econo-Pak Bulk, (1250ul Capacity), 1000 Loose Tips, BNWmore...
4060-3004 1250 uL VistaLab VistaRaK 1250µL Pipette Tips for MLA Pipettes and Ovation Pipettes, 192 tips per Rack, 5 Racks per Case, BNWmore...
4060-3332 1250 uL Myla, Ovation Large Tips, Ranse/DNase Certified, Pyrogen-Free, Sterile, Filtered, (1250ul Capacity), 192 Tips per Rack, 5 Racks (960 tips), BNWmore...
4060-9026 1250 uL 1250µL VistaStak, 192 tips/layer, 3 layers (576 tips), BNWmore...
4070-3132LR 1250 uL 1250µL VistaRak, Sterile, Pyrogen-free, RNase/DNase certified, Low Retention192 tips/rack, 5 racks, BNSmore...
9029 10000 uL 2 uL Stacked dense rack for MLA Applicator Pipettes only - 200 tips/rack, 5 racks†, BNWmore...

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