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Corning-Labnet ENDURO UV Transilluminator


Corning-Labnet Electrophoresis Transilluminator carries the ENDURO™ UV Transilluminator manufactured by Corning-Labnet for your everyday electrophoresis gel imaging tasks. The user friendly, sturdy and reliable design make it a staple in any lab. 

ENDURO™ UV Transilluminator is fitted with a dual intensity light source, the DyNA Light UV Transilluminator is suitable for both analytical and preparative work. The large viewing surface accommodates all popular gel sizes. The intensity of the DyNA Lights 302 nm UV light source can be adjusted to two levels, normal and low, at the touch of a button. The low setting provides a 20% reduction in intensity to minimize damage to nucleic acids during longer exposures. Full intensity produces clear and bright illumination for documentation work. Large viewing surface - 21 x 26cm. Dual intensity for analytical and preparatory work. Hinged cover protects users from UV light.

The ENDURO™ UV Transilluminator embodies a great new imaging product true to the ENDURO™ name. These UV transilluminators have been designed for rugged use and durability with exceptional performance. The exclusive hinge design and frame on the UV shield avoids the lid from cracking and hinge damage commonly found with most transilluminators in the market. The compact size and quality of image offers a great value to you. These UV transilluminators come in single or dual wavelength models. offers the ENDURO™ UV Transilluminator manufactured by Corning-Labnet for all lab related protein electropheresis or DNA electrophoresis gel imaging tasks. The easy to use, solid build and reliable quality of this UV transilluminator make it a perfect fit for any lab.

Popular Applications

  • Gel Electrophoresis Imaging
  • DNA Gel Electrophoresis Imaging
  • Protein Gel Electrophoresis Imaging


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