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CoolCaddy PCR Cooler Work Station



Keep Your Reagents and Samples Cool Without Ice CoolCaddy PCR Cooler Work Station

Simply store your CoolCaddy overnight in any standard freezer and it’s ready to hold the temperature between 0° and 1°C for up to 5 hours.  Tubes, plates, strips and multi-channel reservoir solutions can all be kept cool while you perform your experiments.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintains 0-1.0°C for 5 hours
  • Keeps samples cool, but not frozen
  • Accommodates several different vessel types


  • 1.5/2.0mL Microtubes: 9 Tubes
  • 2.0mL Cryotubes: 8 Tubes
  • 0.5mL Microtubes: 5 Tubes
  • PCR Plates: 1 Plate
  • PCR Tubes: 96 Tubes or 12 Strips
  • Reservoirs: 1 x 50mL Reagent Reservoir (MTC-Bio P8050 / P8051 Series)

Made in the USA

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R4015 MTC-Bio CoolCaddy PCR Work Station | Cooler Maintains 0-1.0°C Temperature for up to 5 hours | Compatible with PCR Tubes, PCR Plates, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Cryovials & 50mL Reservoirs | 17 x 21 x 4.5cm / 8.3 x 6.8 x 1.8in Dimensions | 1/ pack, BNWmore...

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