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Benchmark Roto-Therm Incubated Tube Rotators


Benchmark Roto-Therm Tube RotatorBenchmark Scientific’s Roto-Therm Incubated Tube Rotators 

Roto-Therm Incubated Tube Rotators are designed to provide a range of mixing capabilities to meet your sample oscillating or sample rocking needs while maintaining a compact footprint. proudly offers the Roto Therm Incubated Tube Rotators for our customers.The Roto-Therm by Benchmark Scientific is a great incubated mixer for researchers using resuspension, hybridization, protein binding, nucleic acid purification techniques and many more. Roto-Therm incubator has interchangeable holder capability that accommodates nearly all common tube sizes from 0.5mL to 50 mL.

This incubated tube rotator allows for complete temperature control, setting of different mixing functions, and is equipped with a digital display for ease of use. The incubator temperature range is Ambient +5°C to 60°C. Temperature can be digitally controlled and set providing a user-friendly experience. Supplied with several holders and optional rocking platform for PCR vessels, the Roto-Therm is a great fit in any lab.

The Rot-Therm is offered in standard and plus models. The Plus model has increased mixing speed and allows the user to set mixing modes. The Roto-Therm Plus allows the user to select between Mix, Pause and Rock modes to match their specific needs. This gives the user the flexibly in mixing their tubes. Also, the Roto-Therm Plus has the added PCR vessel mixing feature. The H2020-E and H2024-E are European outlet compatible (230V).

Benchmark Scientific Roto-Therm incubated tube rotators are an ideal fit for any lab. They provide the user with an easy operation experience and full flexibility. offers these incubated tube rotators to streamline your research and save costs.

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