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Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers

Accuris Plate ReaderSpectrophotometers & Plate Readers

Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers are instruments that are used to measure the number of photons (the intensity of light) absorbed after light passes through a sample or solution. Using Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers, the amount of a known chemical substance (the concentrations) can also be determined by measuring the intensity of light detected. Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers are used in most biology, biochemistry and molecular biology labs today for a broad range of assays and tests, amongst other applications.

Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers can be used to measure sample concentrations (e.g. protein, RNA, DNA) as well as end-point reaction concentrations and to continually measure concentrations at regular intervals (e.g. every two seconds) during a reaction to serve as a measure of catalytic activity over time by measuring substrate breakdown or product formation in biological assays.

Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers Product Spotlight: Benchmark Accuris SmartReader 96 Plate Reader

Accuris SmartReader 96 by Benchmark is a great addition to any lab that routinely measures concentration or absorbance in 96 well plates.  The instrument has 7-inch touch screen, intuitive software and graphical interface makes it easy to use as a standalone instrument. The Benchmark Accuris SmartReader does not require a separate computer or additional software for operation. Operates as a standalone system, with USB flash drive for data transfer or can be connected to a computer and printer. Measurement data is available immediately on the screen after a reading.

The all in one Accuris SmartReader is intuitive and easy-to-use. Filter based system with wavelength range from 340nm to 750nm. It includes 4 popular filters:  405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm. Integrated filter wheel allows up to 8 filters to be loaded at once, and filters can be selected during programming. Accuris SmartReader 96 Plate Reader is equipped with an 8 channel vertical optical path, with zero dispersion. Multi-speed plate shaker is also integrated in to the Benchmark Accuris SmartReader 96 Plate Reader.

Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers Product Spotlight: LabTech BlueStar Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

LabTech BlueStar Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometers A and B are made to increase the efficiency of performing photometric work without sacrificing the quality or power of the machine. LabTech targeted several aspects inherent in spectrometry work that often cause a hindrance in throughput.

First is the ability to interface with the machine and perform the work that needs to be done. Second is the internal capacity of the machine to handle and process large amounts of work well. Third is resisting contamination to ensure quality work is being performed without aberration. Fourth and finally is versatility of a single machine to perform different kinds of experiments at a very high level.

These Spectrophotometers & Plate Readers are equipped with a large LCD interface. They are operated via a simple keypad with corresponding directions on the large, easy-to-understand screen. Operation is simple and requires only a basic understanding of the function, while navigating through the machine interface is simplified for user accessibility. Units can be controlled either through the interface or, for extra convenience, users can perform their experiments through a PC interface connected to their spectrometer. The software and hardware mean that users can perform a variety of experiments including: Photometric Measurement, Spectrum Scanning, Quantitative Determination, Kinetic Measurement, Multi-Component Analysis and Data Processing. Both models, A and B, have a 2 nm bandwidth, but the B model can also operate at a 1 nm bandwidth.

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Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 Spectrophotometer

Eppendorf BioPhotometerD30 Spectrophotometer

The Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 is the third generation of Eppendorf's well-established line of BioPhotometers. The small instrument clearly processes data, records at fixed wavelengths and makes evaluating results fast and simple. For specific methods, additional measurements are recorded and displayed as a graph, making impurities easier and quicker to identify.
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Benchmark Accuris SmartReader 96 Plate Reader | Intuitive Plate Reader

Benchmark Accuris SmartReader 96 Plate Reader

A cost effective plate reader for ELISA, Protein Assays, and assays routinely measuring concentration or absorbance in 96 well plate.The SmartReader 96 comes 4 popular filters: 405nm, 450nm,492nm, 630nm and twenty-six additional filters are available separately to cover a full range from 340 nm to 750nm.
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LabTech BlueStar Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometer – UV-Vis Spectrometer

LabTech BlueStar Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

LabTech BlueStar Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometers are highly intuitive, high-performance, and exceptional value instruments. BlueStar spectrometers offer local and PC control paired with large LCD and user-friendly interface. An integrated 32-bit CPU guarantees sophisticated data and graphics processing. The chamber handles a high capacity for fast throughput.
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AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer

AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer

The AccuSeal's Control System features are intuitive with a layout that allows optimal settings for all types of plates and sealing material. 
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