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Easy Step Repeating System


Reduce the fatigue and strain of manual pipetting with the Easy Step Electronic Repeat Pipettor. The touch of a button delivers your samples in either a manual or automatic mode. Intelligent design allows the Easy Step to deliver accurate volumes from 0.5ul to 20ml, while using only three sizes of combisyringe barrels (0.5, 5.0 and 50ml). The starter kit includes 20 of each size syringe (0.5, 5.0 and 50ml), one 50ml adoptor and two 8 port manifolds. The dispensing accuracy and precision of Easy Step exceeds all currently available manual pipettors. Main features are: fill or wash plates quickly with the 8 port mainfold; starter kit available; uses 3 combisyringe sizes for complete volume range (0.5 - 20ml); easy to use; reduces hand fatigue; self calibrating; one-year warranty.

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