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BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette


BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette - Rapid and Reliable Repeater Pipetting

The BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette is an ergonomic alternative to conventional repeating pipettes. When using our unique Auto-dispense mode, it can reduce repetitive pipetting motion by up to 97%, giving an extremely ergonomic option for those that use repeater pipettes often, thus reducing the risk of repetative strain injury (RSI). It is compatible with all standard syringe tips. Because of its broad tip compatibility, the BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette can dispense any volume between 1.0 µL and 50 mL, including non-standard volumes such as 9.2 µL, 25 µL, 260 µL, or 1250 µL.

The BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette is equipped with automatic tip recognition, instictively displaying the tip volume and displaying this on the LCD screen. The easy to read LCD screen also features a counter to assist with repetitive dispensing and is easy to read during both right- and left-handed operation.

 BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette features and benefits:

  • Effortless pipetting. A simple squeeze of the index finger on the control button will immediately begin aspiration and dispensing.
  • Compatible with a variety of major brand syringes. HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette can be used with BRAND PD-Tip™ syringe tips, Eppendorf® Combi-Tips® and Combi-Tips Plus, Fisher Dispenser Tips, and VWR Combi-Syringes.
  • Volume range. Can dispense volumes between 1.0uL and 50mL, uncluding uncommon volumes like 9.2uL, 25uL, 260uL, or 1250uL.
  • Automatic tip recognition. HandyStep recognizes the size of PD Tip syringe tips, display the tip's volume, and displays the number on screen.
  • Auto-Dispense operating mode. The HandyStep 'learns' the user's dispensing rhythm and dispenses it, as long as the control button is pressed.

What comes with the BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette:

  • NiMH Battery
  • Charging stand with power supply
  • 5 assorted volume PD-Tip syringe tips
  • Performance certificate
  • Operating manual
  • 1-year warranty

BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette Services and Supplementary Products:

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