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What are repeater pipettes?

Repeater pipettes, available in both manual and electronic formats, are ideal for repeatedly dispensing the same volumes multiple times into multiple receptacles without having to aspire in between each dispensing step, thus increasing speed and efficiency.  Not only does carry models of repeater pipettes in manual and electronic, but also single channel along with multichannel formats.  This makes dispensing liquids into 96 well plates a breeze, allowing you to increase production and remove movement waste.  Reducing the time between dispenses, repeater pipettes are able to increase productivity to a new level in the laboratory, while reducing RSI occurrences related to aspirating liquids.

 They are ergonomic and accurate, with versatile dispensing volume ranges.  Whether you are repeatedly pipetting small increments of 1 µL or larger repeatable volumes of up to 50 mL, a repeating pipette is essential for completing same volume dispensing in a timely manner.  Designed with ergonomics in mind, these light weight and single hand operation repeater pipettes will allow a single operator to work at a throughput capacity.

Manual Repeater Pipettes

Manual repeater pipettes are an economical and effective method for reproducing constant measurements of the same volume of liquid.  Requiring no batteries or charging along with optimal dispensing levers for easy thumb movement, manual repeater pipettes are ideal for laboratories that focus on cost effectiveness and accuracy.

Electronic Repeater Pipettes

With ergonomic grips, easy to read digital displays, and electronic pipetting, these electronic repeater pipettes reduce RSI by a large amount and come with automatic tip volume recognition.  Equipped with continuous and easy adjustments for a wide range of volumes, electronic repeater pipettes help remove human error while maintaining safety and precision.

Repeater pipettes are recommended for:

  • Dividing or aliquoting a liquid or sample into multiple individual aliquots.

  • Adding an assay component or liquid to multiple wells on a microplate, or washing multiple wells on a microplate quickly, when a multichannel pipette is unavailable or inappropriate.
  • Repetitive dispensing of the same volumes of a dense, viscous or volatile liquid e.g. glycerol, ethanol.
  • Dispensing the same volume into multiple wells on a deep well microplate e.g. 1 mL deep well 96 well plate.
  • Performing multiple reactions in tubes rather than plates.

Benefits of repeater pipettes:

  • No need to aspire between each repeated volume dispensing step, saving time.
  • When multichannel pipettes are outside of your budget, repeater pipettes are a great cost-effective method of increasing the efficiency of repeat pipetting the same volume of the same liquid.
  • If you still seek multichannel pipettes, there are multichannel repeating pipettes that increase productivity beyond that of a regular repeator.
  • Wide volume ranges per pipette, via attaching different sized syringe tips/cartridges, thus being cost effective.
  • Positive displacement syringe tips ensure accuracy and repeatability even when pipetting highly dense, viscous or volatile liquids.
  • Positive displacement syringe tips also help prevent bubble formation and foaming in detergent containing liquids.

Electronic pipette services and supplementary products:


Eppendorf Repeater Plus | Certified Refurbished Pipette

Eppendorf Repeater Plus

Eppendorf Repeater Plus is still available at Click here for amazing savings on refurbished pipettes.
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Eppendorf Repeater M4 | Pipette Any Solution Continually |

Eppendorf Repeater M4 Pipette

Eppendorf Repeater M4 offers a unique volume range of 1 µL - 10 mL, and its the only mechanical dispenser that dispenses the aspirated liquid up to 100 times without refilling the tip.
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Eppendorf Original Model 4780 Repeating Pipette

Eppendorf Original Model 4780 Repeating Pipette

Here at, we provide you with great prices on certified refurbished Eppendorf Original Model 4780 Repeating Pipettes. These certified refurbished Eppendorf Original Model 4780 Repeating Pipette is the original Eppendorf repeater pipette. The Eppendorf Combitips for use with the Eppendorf Original Model 4780 Repeating Pipette units can be replaced in the blink of an eye.
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Repeater | Repeating Pipette | BrandTech HandyStep S

BrandTech HandyStep S Repeating Pipette

The BrandTech HandyStep S is one of the foremost mechanical repeating pipette products on the market today. The lightweight structure of the product ensures that lab workers are able to achieve convenient control over the pipette’s performance; and because of the system’s uniquely balanced structure, lab workers are also able to smoothly dispense liquids while maintaining optimal ...
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BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette

BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette

The BrandTech HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette is an ergonomic alternative to conventional repeating pipettes. When using our unique Auto-dispense mode, it can reduce repetitive pipetting motion by up to 97%, giving an extremely ergonomic option for those that use repeater pipettes often, thus reducing the risk of repetative strain injury (RSI). It is compatible with all standard ...
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CappRhythm Repeating Pipette

CappRhythm Repeating Pipette

The CappRhythm Repeating Pipette has a stepper pipette design. It is the ideal basic repeating pipettor, offering 45 dispensing volume options and covering a dispensing volume range from 1 µL to 5 mL, with a total volume capacity of up to 50 mL. The CappRhythm Repeating Pipette offers wide compatibilities and compatibility with other brands of repeating pipettor tips.
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Gilson Distriman Repeating Pipette

Gilson Distriman Repeating Pipette

The Gilson Distriman Repeating Pipette is a positive-displacement, continuously adjustable, repetitive pipette with a direct readout designed to simplify multiple dispensing when used with Distritips syringe tips. With the Gilson Distriman Repeating Pipette, you can dispense the exact volume required for any protocol, even fractional volumes, repetitively. The Gilson Distriman Repeating ...
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Rainin AutoRep E Electronic Repeating Pipette

AutoRep E is an electronic repeating pipette. Continuously-adjustable volumes 1 uL to 50 mL. Reduces repetitive stress injuries. Three modes for flexibility. Automatic tip volume recognition with Encode tips. Includes battery pack, recharging base, and AC adapter.
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Rainin AutoRep S Manual Repeating Pipette

AutoRep M is an electronic repeating pipette. Continuously-adjustable volumes 1 uL to 50 mL. Reduces repetitive stress injuries. Three modes for flexibility. Automatic tip volume recognition with Encode tips. Includes battery pack, recharging base, and AC adapter.
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EDOS Advanced Pipetting Station

Eppendorf has created this extremely versatile and efficient dispensing system for all tasks in laboratory liquid handling. With EDOS , high sample throughput or highly demanding dispensing jobs are no longer a problem.The smallest volume which can be set is 1/125 of the corresponding Combitip. Simple programming through easy-to-follow user menus presented on a clear LCD layout allows individual ...
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Repeater Pro Electronic Repeating Pipette

RepeaterPro pipette is an electronic hand-held dispenser which combines the advantages of the well-known Eppendorf Repeater with state-of-art electronics. Product features are: dispensing and pipetting according to positive displacement principle; rapid, fatigue-free dispensing with motorized piston; easy-to-follow display shows volume and number of dispensing steps; individual speed settings ...
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Socorex Acura 865 Microdispensing Pipettes

Hand-held microdispenser intended for repeat distribution of microliter volumes. Includes a three-way valve system for automatic self-refilling. Carefully selected materials ensure durability and optimal resistance to aggressive media. Three models cover the range from 5 to 1000 µL. Excellent ergonomics. Ultra soft plunger activation. Large volume display. Versatile feeding through ...
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Thermo Fisher Finnpipette Easystepper Repeating Pi

Easy and convenient repetitive pipetting, simply attach the appropriate tip size, fill and prime the tip, and dial the selected volume. Stepper suites for work with aggressive and viscous liquids. Product Detail The universal Stepper handle is adapted for seven tip sizes, to cover a dispensing volume range from 10 to 5000 µl. The handle is also available with an eight-channel module. Five ...
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Drummond Repeat Kit with Valve

Drummond Repeat Kit with Valve

The Drummond Repeat Kit with Valve is a great solution for continuous pipetting operations. The Drummond Repeat Kit with Valve adapts to DM-390 and DM-590 repeater pipette models to allow you to fill 96 well plates with ease and speed. Each Drummond Repeat Kit with Valve contains a microvalve, three-way valve, stainless steel sinker, 30" (inch) Tygon tubing 3/32" I.D., Luer pipet ...
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Nichiryo NichiMate Stepper Repeating Pipette

NichiMate Stepper has up to 40 different volumes from 1µl to 5000µl available. A lightweight and slender grip allows for fatigue-free operation . High accuracy and precision guaranteed.
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Nichiryo Model 2100G Digital Hand-held Dispenser

Model 2100G Digital Hand-held Dispenser provides continuous dispensing from most types of containers. Lightweight design allows for one-handed operation. Plastic housing protects the glass cylinder and plunger. All of the parts which come in direct contact with the liquid are autoclavable. Four models provide dispensing from 0.2µl to 10ml .
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Nichiryo Model 8100 Repeating Pipette

Model 8100 has 35 ways of dispensing in the volume range between 1 and 5000µl. Fast change of syringe and volume adjustment dial. Light and slender design permits easy handling without fatigue. Autoclavable syringe (except 3.0 ml and 60 ml).
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Model 8800 8-Channel Variable Repetitive Syringe D

Model 8800 8-Chanel Variable Repetitive Syringe Dispenser can dispense 6 different volumes of liquid (10,20,25,40,50,&100µl) into a microtiter plate. Lightweight and slender design allows for easy handling without fatigue. All syringes and cartridges are autoclavable.
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Capp R10 Repeater Pipette

Capp R10 Repeater Pipette

The Capp R10 Repeater Pipette has a highly user-friendly display panel that enables you to easily choose the correct repeater pipette tip size that is suitable for the desired dispensing volume, and the number of dispensing steps, to be dispensed. The dosing table of the display panel, which can also be found under the Manuals/Specifications tab, shows all dosing possibilities of the Capp R10 ...
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Labnet Labpette R Repeating Pipette

Labnet Labpette R Repeating Pipette

The Labpette R Repeating Pipette provides accurate and reproducible repetitive pipetting from the single filling of a disposable tip. Use of the Labpette R saves time and reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive pipetting using a standard pipette. Twenty nine different volumes between 1 µl and 5000 µl may be dispensed with this pipette. As many as 48 pipetting steps may be ...
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