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CAPP Pipette Stands and Carousel Pipette Stands


CAPP Pipette Stands

Capp offers a wide range of pipette stands for CAPP pipettes. CAPP Pipette Stands cover a wide selection of regular pipette stands and carousel pipette stands designed by CAPP for use with their pipettes. Different CAPP Pipette Stands are designed specifically for different pipettes or groups of pipettes. These CAPP Pipette Stands will help you to keep your pipettes organized and tidy, as well as improving sterility by keeping your pipettes up off the benchtop surface. CAPP Pipette Stands keep your CAPP pipettes in the ideal position when not being used, for long-life and continued accuracy.

If you have CappAero single or multichannel pipettes, you can choose between the S-06 CAPP Pipette Stands, which is a carousel stand suitable for up to 6 pipettes, or the C-01 which is a modular stackable pipette stand. When ordering the C-01 pipette stand, you receive 2 modules that, when connected, support up to 3 single or multichannel pipettes. The unique construction of the C-01 micropipette stand allows you to connect further modules of C-01 and store multiple pipettes in one row. The S-06 and C-01 CAPP Pipette Stands are not suitable for CappBravo pipettes. If you are working with a CappBravo pipette, it is recommended that you use either the C-04 or C-05 pipette stand. Both pipette stands support all Capp mechanical pipettes. The only difference is that the C-04 pipette stand can store up to 4 pipettes and C-05 up to 5 pipettes.  For Electronic pipettes, we recommend the C-04 pipette stand. 

CAPP Pipette Stands features and benefits:

  • C-05 – Pipette stand for up to 5 Capp mechanical pipettes, all models.
  • C-04 – Pipette stand for up to 4 CappMaestro pipettes or all mechanical pipettes.
  • C-01 – Combi stand (2 modules) for up to 3 mechanical pipettes, except CappBravo.
  • S-06 – Carousel stand for up to 6 mechanical pipettes, except CappBravo.

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C-01 CAPP Aero Combi Stand (2 ModuLes) for up to 3 Pipettes, BNWmore...
C-04 Pipette stand for up to 4 CAPP Maestro pipettes or CAPP mechanical pipettes, BNSmore...
C-05 CAPP Denmark Pipette Stand: 5 Place Linear stand (holds most Eppendorf, Rainin, Biohit, ThermoFisher, Labnet, CAPP, and pipettors with a finger hook), BNWmore...
S-06 CAPP Aero Carousel Stand For Up To 6 Pipettes, BNWmore...

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