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PCR Strip Tubes and Caps

PCR Strip Tubes and Caps, QPCR carries PCR Strip Tubes and Caps from Eppendorf, Scientific Specialties (SSI) and Simport providing you with an opportunity to select the right PCR Strip Tubes and Caps for your lab – ranging from the most durable and high quality tubes to more economic alternatives if you are on a tight budget.

All Strip Tubes are RNase, DNase, PCR Inhibitor FREE – Sterile Tubes are, also, Pyrogen FREE.

All Strip Tubes have thin walls for optimal heat transfer. Please refer to each brand for the specific working volume and to find out which specific Strip Tubes will work for real time PCR (QPCR).

Current Promotions:

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  • Applies to cat. # C3247-00 Only
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Catalog # Description   Price Qty
3103-00 SSI PCR Dome Cap Strips, 12 Caps per Strip, Natural Color, Tubes Sold Separately. 80 Strips/Pack, 10 Packs/Case, BNWmore...
3113-00 Standard Profile PCR Strip Tubes (0.2 mL), 12 Tubes per Strip, Natural Color, Ultra Thin Wall, Medical Grade Polypropylene, Caps Sold Separately, 80 Strips/Pack, 10 Pack/Case, 800 Strips Total, BNWmore...
3240-00 0.2ml SnapStrip PCR Tubes, 8-Strips with attached domed caps, natural, RNase, Dnase, Pyrogen free. 120 strips/pack, BNWmore...
3247-00 SSI 0.2 mL PCR 8-tube UltraFlux i FLEX-FREE strip, attached optically clear flat caps, natural. Angular design, 120 strips/pack, Sold by the pack. RNase, Dnase, Pyrogen Free, BNWmore...
3248-00 SSI Bio 0.1mL UltraFlux i 8-Strip PCR tubes with Individually Attached Hinge Caps, Clear, 120 strips per unit, 10 units per case , BNWmore...
C3247-00 SSI Bio (Scientific Specialities) 0.2 mL PCR 8-Tube UltraFlux i Optically Clear PCR Strip (Case). Attached Optically Clear Flat Caps, Angular Design, RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogen Free. 120 Strips per Pack, 10 Packs per Case. Case Quantity., BNWmore...

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