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Scientific Industries MicroPlate Genie


Microplate Genie Delivers True Vortexing Action

Microplate Genie by Scientific Industries delivers aggressive vortexing with complete and uniform mixing even in 384 well plates. The Small vortexing orbit of 1.0mm for thorough mixing regardless of sample viscosity makes Microplate Genie one of the best options for mixing microplates. Digital model of the Microplate Genie is fully programmable for speed and time. Scientific Industries’s Microplate Genie digital model incorporates"ON" and "REST" function offering an user friendly experience. The digital Microplate Genie model is ideal for heat sensitive samples. Microplate Genie  accepts most standard microplates, 384-well plates and even PCR plates with available kit. Both models incorporate timer - analog or digital. Microplate Genie can be used in cold rooms or incubators offering.

Continuous vortexing action and in each well of the microplate ensures proper mixing of microplates. Scientific Industries’s Microplate Genie allow for  complete speed and time control to guarantee outstanding mixing uniformity of microplates. Scientific Industries MicroPlate Genies are ideal for applications such as small volume mixing, PCR Preparation, Digestions, as well as Cell Disruption. 

MicroPlate Genie line includes digital and analog models which are offered in single and multi-plate configurations. The Microplate Genie’s exclusive precise vortex orbit guarantees true vortexing action in each well of the microplate, at all times.

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