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Labnet Orbit™ 1900 Shaker


The Labnet Orbit 1900 Shaker is Suitable for Use in Incubator or Cold Room

The Orbit™ 1900 Shaker from Labnet is a large shaker designed for continuous duty and heavy loads. Its solid construction and counterbalanced drive system provide vibration free operation. Three platforms are available to accommodate a variety of different sizes of containers and vials on the Orbit™ 1900 Shaker. The flat platform is useful for shaking trays, plates, boxes and other containers. A nonslip mat on the platform surface keeps items in place during operation. Flasks are accommodated on the flask platform through the use of clamps (sold separately). A universal platform can be used with various sizes of flasks, bottles and odd shaped vessels. Custom manufactured platforms/clamps are also available. Suitable for use in incubators or cold rooms. The Orbit™ 1900 Shaker fits easily inside Labnet's High Performance 611 Series Incubators.

Labnet Orbit 1900 Shaker features and benefits:

  • Flat or flask clamp platform options.
  • Designed for heavy loads and continuous duty.
  • Safe for use in temperature controlled environments.
  • Ideal for liquid cultures and general mixing.
  • Digital display and analog knob for ease of parameter setting.
  • timed or continuous operation.
  • Variable speed setting.
  • 3 platforms available to accommodate various sizes of containers.
  • Suitable for use in an incubator or cold room.