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OHAUS Extreme Environment Shakers


OHAUS Extreme Environment Shakers – Optimized for Cell Culture, CO2 and HumidityOHAUS Extreme Environment Shakers - CO2 Incubator Shaker Full Image - Pipette_com

Cell culture environments require a special kind of durability – CO2 incubator shakers need to withstand high CO2 conditions and up to 100% humidity. OHAUS Extreme Environment Shakers were developed for that express purpose. Material was specifically chosen to make a durable shaker that could remain inside a CO2 incubator without wearing. Furthermore, the software allows the shaker to be controlled without disrupting any experiments – users can easily access the shaker by using the remote controller. Dual LED displays allow users to clearly see the settings on the magnetic remote controller and the touchpad allows for easy settings control.

OHAUS integrated Accu-Drive Shaking technology and Triple Eccentric Drive technology to maximize the utility of Extreme Environment Shakers. The Accu-Drive Shaking System maintains precise control and accuracy of the shaking components, while also monitoring settings to maintain durability. The Triple Eccentric Drive includes permanently lubricated ball bearings and a maintenance-free brushless DC motor. Users can remain sure that their equipment is well maintained and is working up to specifications. The spill resistant design makes sure that even when the operator is away, if there is a spill, it will not affect internal components. Furthermore, a microprocessor consistently monitors and controls speed ramping so that the effect of acceleration up to speed is minimized and so is splashing.

OHAUS Extreme Environment Shakers - CO2 Incubator Shaker Culture Flasks - Pipette_com 500pxExtreme Environment Shaker – Extreme Control

  • Accu-Drive Shaking System maintains precise control of speed and accuracy.
  • Microprocessor monitors shaking speed and maintains uniform shaking.
  • Triple Eccentric Drive reduces maintenance cost and time.

Safety Features for the Shaker and the User

  • Audio and visual signals alert users of an overload
  • Slow Speed Ramping to prevent splashing or spilling
  • Spill-resistant design to protect internal components.

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30391809 OHAUS Extreme Environment Shaker SHEX1619DG, 19mm Orbital Diam. Digital Controls, Designed for CO2 Incubators, -10°C to +60°C, 100% Humidity (RH), 15rpm to 300rpm Speed, 1 Sec to 160 Hrs Timer, 16 kg Max Capacity, 13 x 13 in (33 x 33 cm) Tray, Rubber Sli, BNWmore...

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