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Labnet Mini LabRoller Dual Format Rotator


Labnet Mini LabRoller Dual Format RotatorMini LabRoller Dual Format Rotator is Quiet and Economical 

Simple, yet versatile, the end over end tube rotator Mini LabRoller Rotator is designed for mixing samples in both a horizontal and vertical plane.The unit accepts a broad assortment of tube sizes as well as micro plates. Safe for cold room or incubator use, this mixer is ideal for a wide range of applications in areas such as biochemistry, molecular biology, clinical testing and histochemistry.

Compact and sleek lab rotator design.A small footprint and efficient housing design conserve valuable bench space and make the Mini LabRoller Rotator suitable for any size laboratory. It has an ambient operating range of 4° to 55°C and will easily fit into most incubators. Lightweight and portable, the unit is easily moved from the bench to a biological or chemical hood. Simple construction allows for easy cleaning and decontamination. 


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