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MTC-Bio PolyPestle™ Double-Sided Pestle


Double-Sided Pestle for Cell Strainers and Microtubes

MTC Bio's new PolyPestle is a dual purpose, disposable polypropylene cell culture tool with a conical and convex ends.


  • Sterile and individually wrapped in paper/plastic peel packs
  • Double-sided for increased usefulness
  • Dimpled head for cell sorting
  • Conical head for homogenizing samples
  • Textured handle for secure grip
  • 145mm (5 ³/4 in.) long
  • RNase and DNase free

Conical End

  • Optimized for grinding biological samples, homogenizing cells, and resuspending pellets in 1.5mL tubes

Convex End

  • 11mm diameter and dimpled surface is ideal for manipulating the sample material to be cell sorted and improving cell preparation.  Designed to specifically to assist in preparing cells within a disposable cell strainer environment for flow cytometry resulting in enhanced sort purity, yield and cell viability.


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