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MTC-Bio WeighBucket WeighBoat for Liquids


MTC-Bio WeighBucket Weigh Boat for Liquids MTC WeighBucket

MTC Bio Weigh Boats are made of antistatic polystyrene and will withstand temperatures to 90°exposure to diluted acids bases and aqueous solutions.Their flexibility and smooth interior surfaces with rounded corners allow for easy decanting of powdered samples. Their flat bottoms ensure stability and prevent tipping.

MTC Bio WeighBucket

New 40mL polyethylehe WeighBuckets have an optimized shape that safely transports, contains, freezes and pours powders and small solids. The handle and spout make them easy to use practically eliminating spillage and making controlled rate pouring possible.

Weigh Boats from MTC Bio are available in the traditional square shape as well as in a new and alternative diamond shape for easier pouring. Weigh Boats from MTC Bio were originally designed to be used as laboratory weighing containers. However, they have also proven ideal for dispensing and storage, and as disposable mixing and quick freezing trays. Weigh Boats from MTC Bio are available in black or white colors for improved sample contrast and visibility and improved packaged in ultra-compact dispenser packs for easy and efficient storage.

To find out more information on these or other weigh boats available at, or to discuss your specific needs for your lab, feel free to get in touch with us and chat with a member of the team by calling 800-243-3232. Our team can provide you with the answers to almost any questions you may have.

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