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Laboratory Timers

Laboratory Digital Timers precisely measure time for procedures and lab work that require precise operations.  With time-sensitive products, having a faulty or inefficient timer can make all the difference in the final product.  Whether you are searching for timers that function through count-up or countdown, offers the highest quality laboratory timers that can be utilized in any laboratory environment.  Capable of working in cold-room environments, within fume and chemical hoods, in bio-safety environments, and on any working bench-top space, these timers are the perfect tools to accurately track time during your laboratory procedures. 
Featuring large, digital and LED screens that display the amount of time either remaining on the current process at hand or how much time as elapsed since beginning the time, these laboratory timers free up the operators focus to prepare for the next step in the process or complete paper work while not having to continually track the time through an analog or digital clock.
With audible or even flashing alarm capabilities, these laboratory timers can alert operators and lab personnel upon completion of a step in the process.  These attention grabbing notifications which alert operators allow the individuals in the laboratory to focus on other tasks that need to be completed or even begin prepping for the next step as they will receive an alert from the timer so they don't have to continually track the time elapsed. 
More unique features that these laboratory timers are equipped with include the storage of past calibrated parameters, water resistant models, and multiple channel systems.  Being able to store past calibrated parameters allows operators to both quickly, and easily revert back to previous times, reducing the amount of time waste produced in the lab.  Making the process quicker to complete saves your company both time and money.   Easily toggle between channels on your timer to track progress in different processes and compact your use of equipment in the limited spaces that laboratories provide. 
No matter your laboratory needs, if it requires a simple, 3 button timer or a complex, 4 channel timer that offers water resistance and an audible alarm, has the perfect timer for you.

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