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Labnet Prism & Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuges


Easy-to-use, High performance microcentrifuges with a Refrigeration option 

The Prism is the air-cooled model, which was designed to keep samples close to ambient temperature, even when operating at maximum speed. It can also be used in a cold room environment. 

The Prism R is the refrigerated model that incorporates a powerful cooling system that maintains temperature as low as -10 celsius and can reach 4 celsius in less than 8 minutes. The new user-friendly LCD control panel provides intuitive control over all operating parameters, including speed, time and temperature.

Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

The Prism R refrigerated microcentrifuge is the premier model of Labnet's microcentrifuge product line. The unit features powerful brushless motor and an intuitive control panel. The Prism R is the refrigerated microcentrifuge model that incorporates a powerful cooling system that maintains temperatures as low as -10°C and can reach 4°C in less than eight minutes. Speed is easily set and displayed in either rpm or rcf. Operation of the unit can be timed, continuous, or momentary using the "Quick" button. Vibration free operation is ensured by an isolation system. In the event of a significant imbalance, operation of the centrifuge is automatically stopped for safety. Deceleration at the end of a run is very quick, but will not disrupt samples. These microcentrifuges are supplied with a uniquely designed 24 x 1.5 / 2.0 mL rotor that allows easy access to the tops of the sample tubes. Individual tube slots in the solid aluminum rotor support tubes along their length and contain the sample in the event of tube failure. Adapters are available for smaller tubes as well as PCR strips. The rotor is seated on a tapered shaft which facilitates easy removal for cleaning and autoclaving.