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LABeler Lab Printer


LABeler Lab Printer - The Convenience of a Lab Pen with the Benefits of a Large Desktop Printer

The LABeler Lab Printer from MTC Bio brings modern technology to the basic task of labeling tubes, containers, boxes, glassware, etc.This reduces the time it takes to label your tubes, freeing up that time for more important and less mundane and repetative tasks. More importantly than that, the LABeler Lab Printer means that all labels in the lab, especially those on microtubes, are legible and accurate, allowing all those in the lab to read them, not just the person who wrote them. This reduces confusion and sample mix up in the lab.

The MTC Bio LABeler Lab Printer is a lab labeler which provides the convenience of a lab pen with the benefits, legibility and accuracy of a large desktop printer. Simply type in the desired copy to be printed on the label using the 50+ button key pad and press the print key. Within seconds your label can be cut by pressing the cut lever and it is then ready for application.

With over 15 available sizes, colors & material combinations for your labels, the LABeler Lab Printer is ideal for easy label identification of any laboratory vessel for nearly any laboratory application. With the LABeler Lab Printer the standard label tapes can be autoclaved, boiled or even frozen to temperatures as low as -50°C. Special ultra-low label tapes are also available for storage in -80°C environments or for liquid nitrogen applications. This versatility of the LABeler Lab Printer labels allows broad application of the labels for all sorts of vessels and units in the lab. Check out the features and benefits below.

LABeler Lab Printer features and benefits:

  • Lightweight, handheld operation
  • Variety of label tapes for many tube sizes
  • Built in cutter – no need for scissors
  • Prints a variety of barcodes
  • Standard label tapes can be autoclaved, boiled or frozen as low as -50°C
  •  “Ultra-Low” tape for liquid nitrogen storage at -196°C
  • Over 15 available sizes, colors & material combinations
  • Powered with a 9 V power supply or 6 AA batteries

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