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LabTech VC1000 Vacuum Controller


LabTech VC1000 Vacuum Controller – Optimize Evaporation, Maximize YieldLabTech VC1000 Vacuum Controller – Step Vacuum Control, Pump Control

The LabTech VC1000 Vacuum Controller was designed to maximize the efficiency of vacuum pumps and rotary evaporators. For delicate experiments that require finely controlled vacuum pressures, just using a vacuum pump with an evaporator is not enough. An electronic pump controller will allow users to control the variations in vacuum pressure to more efficiently collect their sample.

Vacuum Pressure Control – Optimizing Evaporation Yield

Commonly used solvents have a wide variety of boiling points and vacuum evaporation levels, which often are used to experimental advantage. However, this also means that if a vacuum is not controlled properly, the boiling points and evaporation can drastically change throughout the experiment. As a result, the recovery of vapors can become much less efficient the longer an experiment goes on. The LabTech VC1000 Vacuum Controller allows users to control the vacuum pressure, and thus have a step-by-step control of the pressure during the experiment so that they can maximize the evaporation at all steps during the sample separation. Thus, even though the boiling points and evaporation levels might change throughout the process, the user can adapt their vacuum pressures to adapt for those changes.

Intuitive, Simple Usage – Advanced Results and Durability

Despite the advanced results possible with the VC1000 Vacuum Controller, the is extremely easy to use and includes various fail-safes to protect users from accidental misusage. The unit is designed with high anti-corrosive parts to prevent excessive wear and tear. The design and construction is fully anticorrosive and the controller features a highly precise, built-in anticorrosive vacuum sensor. Furthermore, the VC1000 features an alarm to alert users if there is ever a situation where the unit cannot achieve the desired value, thus ensuring users avoid wasted experiments.


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