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LabTech EV311 Series Rotary Evaporators


LabTech EV311 Series Rotary Evaporators – Economic and Durable Sample Separation

LabTech’s EV311 Rotor Evaporator Series features two different models that allow users durability, control, reproducibility, and safe use at an affordable price. The EV311H is the more economical model with more basic features and functionality, whereas the EV311PLUS is a more advanced model with extended functionality despised a still affordable price tag. The defining feature of the EV311 Series is an LCD Digital Display, which unlike other Rotor Evaporators, allows users to finely control the temperature and rotation speed. The dipping angle is adjustable, for variability in use. Furthermore, EV311 Series Rotor Evaporators include a condenser, all flasks, and a stand-alone heating bath. They are compatible with Water or Oil baths, and because the heating bath is separate, maintenance and operation are easier. The heating bath even shuts off when dry to avoid unexpected disasters.

EV311H – Durability, Functionality, Adaptability

LabTech created the EV311H Rotary Evaporator as a basic, yet fully functional solution to advanced rotary evaporation applications. It has all the defining EV311 Series functions – a digital display, a stand-alone heating bath, and durable construction at an affordable price. It is designed to manually lift via a simple handle mechanism. The mechanism includes a micro lifting switch that allows the user to easily lock and unlock the mechanism and ensures elevating is easy. It has a highly powerful motor that allows rotation speeds up to 260RPM and as low as 20RPM.

EV311Plus – Advanced Technology Plus Convenience and Accessibility

The EV311Plus Rotary Evaporator is exactly as the name implies – the EV311 series and more. LabTech took all the features that were great from their already great evaporators and added more. The Plus model allows users to more conveniently perform evaporation while continuing to work away from the machine. Evaporating Flask lift-out and bath shut off can be automated to reduce the background stress of performing evaporation. To ensure that the automation is consistent, reliable, and durable, LabTech equipped the EV311Plus Rotary Evaporator with a heavy-duty brushless motor that will work hard for a long time. As part of the upgrade, the EV311Plus can also handle a heavier evaporation volume, 3 Liters as compared to 2 Liters in the EV311H. Furthermore, the heating bath is also upgraded to PTFE coating to make sure the long-lasting evaporator has a heating bath that lasts as long.

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