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Benchmark Accuris High Fidelity DNA Polymerase


High Fidelity DNA Polymerase from Accuris Ideal for Cloning

Accuris High Fidelity Polymerase characterizes the next level of polymerases, engineered for shorted extension times, greater sensitivity and successful PCR. This enzyme exhibits a strong 5’3’ activity along with a 3’5’ proofreading activity. High Fidelity Polymerase has an error rate of 4.55 x 107 makes this enzyme one of the best options for cloning applications. This enzyme has been modified for increased solubility and performance across a broad range of conditions giving you the flexibility you need to push your projects to completion.

The included 5X buffer has been formulated specifically to work with the unique nature of this high-fidelity polymerase. Greater than 50 times greater fidelity when compared to wildtype Taq polymerase Proprietary 5X reacton buffer includes enhancers for maximizing enzyme activity and reaction speed saving you time for your cloning applications. In addition, Accuris High Fidelity Polymerase improves yields across a variety of templates, including those that are GC and AT rich.

Quality Control 

Accuris enzymes and reagents are manufactured under a comprehensive quality management system, following ISO 9001:2008 standards. Accuris High Fidelity enzymes are meticulously tested under general assay conditions for many parameters including activity, reproducibility, efficiency, heat activation, sensitivity, and absence of nuclease contamination and nuclease activity. This PCR enzyme is reliable and high quality.

Storage Options

Please remember to immediately store at -20°C once you receive the Accuris High Fidelity Polymerase. In addition, make sure to limit excessive freeze/thaw cycles. When stored as directed, product will retain its activity for 12 months from date of receipt. You can also store at 4°C for up to one month.