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Globe Scientific LDPE Bottles with Screwcaps


Globe Scientific LDPE Bottles with Screwcaps

Globe Scientific LDPE bottles are flexible and come in many different configurations to match most laboratory applications. They come in a narrow-mouth opening configuration that makes pouring easy and is preferred for use with liquid samples. The sloping shoulders allow for easy emptying. In addition to the screw cap, a plastic plug insert comes with each bottle, providing more leak-resistance. Simply insert the plug into the mouth of the bottle prior to closing the lid. This provides a leak-resistant seal and makes these bottles ideal for transport and long-term storage of laboratory solutions. The cap and bottle neck have molded-in tagging points which are designed for securing the cap to the bottle using wire security ties. This makes the LDPE bottle tamper-evident. This bottle is approved for use with food products as well.

Globe Scientific LDPE bottles also come in a wide-mouth opening style for easy filling and emptying of liquids and powders. The deep threaded neck allows the screw cap to seal on tight, offering exceptional leak-resistance especially during shipping. This bottle is approved for use with food products. The bottles are made from durable Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and the bottle caps are made from Polypropylene (PP) to ensure protection. Globe Scientific LDPE bottles come in a range of volumes ranging from 50mL up to 2000mL. offers the Globe Scientific LDPE bottles for your research needs, for an affordable price and reliable experience.

Globe Scientific LDPE Bottle Highlights

  • Flexible bottle
  • Graduated for easy Volume Determination
  • Screw Cap lid & separate plug stopper provide a leak-resistant seal.
  • Tagging points for security.
  • Food grade