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Gel Loading Tips

Gel Loading Tips carries a full assortment of Gel Loading Tips ideal for loading dyes and gels when working with proteins and running horizontal gels or doing electrophoresis work. A variety of different sizes, shapes and designs of these Gel Loading Tips are available for various applications. These Gel Loading Tips are available as sterile or non-sterile and are racked for convenience and ease of use.

While bulk tips might be the best option out there for labs where the budget is tight, Racked Sterile Gel Loading Tips are a much better option for labs that load a lot of gels and where the time of scientists and lab technicians is valuable and there is no extra time available to be constantly refilling and re-racking tip boxes every time one is emptied of Gel Loading Tips. This is especially true in labs where a lot of multi-channel pipettes and multi-well plates are used, as these labs will often go through an enormous number of tips per day and would simply not have the time to be refilling tip boxes every time they need to load up a new gel. Using a multi-channel pipette, you could empty a tip box in minutes. In these situations, it is best and makes the most sense to be able to just open another fresh box of Racked Gel Loading Tips and continue your work.

Gel Loading Tips features and benefits:

  • Racked.
  • Universal tip fit.
  • Ideal for:
    • Loading dyes and gels.
    • Working with protein analysis.
    • Running horizontal gels.
    • Any kind of electrophoresis.
  • Sterile or non-sterile are available

If you don't work with gels specifically, also carries regular Racked Sterile Tips. These are ISO 11137 certified and approved for use in Diagnostics and GMP Labs. These Racked Sterile Tips are checked for fit, function, reproducibility and certified FREE of RNase, DNase, Pyrogens, Endotoxins, Bioburden and PCR Inhibitors. All Racked Sterile Tips come in sturdy, hinged lid, autoclavable and anti-wobble racks. also carries regular, non-sterile, Racked Tips that are packaged in sturdy, hinged lid and anti-wobble racks. Our racks ensure stability, resist tipping and can be autoclaved providing you with a long shelf life.

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22351656 20 uL Eppendorf GELoader 20 µL pipette tip, 96 tips/rack, 2 racks/pack (light grey), BNWmore...
1034-800-000-9 200 uL 1034-800-000-9 Eclipse 200µL Gel Loading Capillary Pipet Tips, in Resealable Bags, BNWmore...
1034-960-008 200 uL 200µL Gel loading Pipet Tips for popular pipettors. Lot certified RNase/DNase free, autoclavable. 96 tips rack/6 racks per pack, 576 tips/pack 8 packs/case (4608 total) SOLD IN CASE QUANTITY, BNWmore...
MN520R-LR 200 uL 200uL Round Universal Microflex Gel-Loading Pipet Tips 0.57mm-Tip O.D., 1 Maxiracks Of 200/pk, 800/Case, Sold by the Case. Ideal for 0.75-1.5mm Standard Protein, Slab, and Tube PAGE Gels., BNWmore...

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