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Flasks is now carrying Wheaton Flasks!Wheaton Flasks

Wheaton has stated their admiration for "those individuals that seek answers" and has made it their mission to "manufacture and supply laboratores with essential equipment." This dedication shines through in Wheaton's selection of high quality flasks. To ensure quality all of Wheanton's flasks are manufactured from Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM E-438 Type I, Class A requirements and are autoclavable for easy sterilization procedures.

Nephelo Culture Flasks

These flasks allow growth and turbidity reading at selected intervals without sampling. The side tube is scratch and striation free. Designed to operate on a platform shaker, these flask come in 300 mL, 500 mL, and 1000 mL ranges. The break- resistant lip accommodates a cotton plug or stopper. The Nephelo Culture Flask can be used with colorimeter or spectrophotometer.

Spinner Flasks

Proportioned to provide a head space ratio of 1:1 or greater. A removable stainless steel pin immobilizes the impeller during handling or decanting to prevent damage to cells or microcarriers. Sizes 500 mL and larger can accommodate the Wheaton Vented Cap (Cat. No. W240751).

Trypsinizing Cell Culture Flasks

These units have screw caps with white styrene-butadiene rubber liners that reduce contamination of contents. The fluting is designed helps to improve mixing.

Shake Flasks

Designed for use on either rotary or reciprocating shakers, these flasks are specially designed to maximize aeration for improved growth. They feature a break-resistant lip, which accommodates a cotton plug or a stopper, and a marking spot on the side of flask. The four baffle flask features a dam at the base of the neck that reduces splashing.

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