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Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424 R & 5425 Promo Offers


Eppendorf 5424, Eppendorf 5424R, and the new Eppendorf 5425 Sale at 


The Eppendorf 5424 Centrifuge will fit into your laboratory:

The Eppendorf 5424 Centrifuge is a fast, accurate, and durable.  Their 24-place rotor with a maximum speed up to 21,130 × g in a compact footprint is a great centrifuge for laboratories.  They are perfect for molecular biology applications in microcentrifuge tubes, spin columns, and PCR tubes. 

The new Eppendorf 5425 Centrifuge improved features compared to the Eppendorf 5424

  • Two more rotor options with the Eppendorf 5425 centrifuge
    • Rotor FA-10x5, for 10 × 5.0 mL tubes (snap and screw cap), incl. aerosol-tight rotor lid
    • Rotor S-96x0.2-PCR, Swing-our rotor for 96 × 0.2 mL PCR tubes or 12 × 8 PCR strips
  • New Rotor QuickLock Technology - closes with only 1/4 turn
  •  Faster acceleration and deceleration (10 acceleration and braking ramps)
  • Quieter 
  • More energy efficient
  • Slimmer footprint
  • Note: The Eppendorf 5425 uses unique rotors (not compatible with the 5424 rotors)
  • See All Eppendorf 5425 Centrifuge Models and product information

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Tube Racks Automatically Included

Note: The Ambient Temperature Eppendorf 5424  is discontinued in 2018 and replaced with the new Eppendorf 5425 Centrifuge (CLICK HERE)

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